Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy New Year!

A little gift to all the Toy Soldiers around the world. Enjoy!

“I’ll Be Back”


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Baby Sister

Another toygasmic fan creation, enjoy!


Monday, October 12, 2009

TAKE TWO: Petition for the release of Startin' Over!

During the summer, I started the fan initiative to get La Toya's album Startin' Over released. 
Now I think the time has come to continue the campaign. After MJ's passing, I felt that it was inappropriate to keep going, but now I think enough time has passed to resurrect this initiative. Any suggestions in how to make more people aware of this campaign? Please let me know.

Current statistics
79 Signatures!


The petition

For at least six long years the fans of La Toya Jackson have been waiting for her to release her new album, Startin' Over. Now our patience is running out after too many false promises and countless lies. Please La Toya, release the album NOW!

The Undersigned

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fan stories


A week ago, I decided to start a little competition where La Toya fans could write down how they discovered her and why they are Toy Soldiers. I would pick my 5 favourites, and the prize was an exclusive Playboy DVD.

Here are the winning stories:


I say your thread on the Church of LaToya Forum regarding a competition to win her playboy dvds. Here is my story! (please forgive my grammar!)
I discovered La Toya about 4 years ago now...soon after I became a fan of Michael.  Because I really liked the music of Michael, Janet and the Jackson 5 I decided to check out music from the rest of the Jackson family (particulary La Toya and Rebbie) who I didn't know much about. I found the song 'I don't play that' and 'No more drama' on youtube (which were actually posted by some Toy Soldiers from the church of La Toya forum!!)  and loved it so I decided to find out more about her 'Startin Over' album. After alot of searching I was finally able to track down all the tracks from the leaked Startin Over album. I absolutley fell in love with album and her story told through the lyrics and was wondering why I had never heard of her before (I missed out on her 90's infamous appearances on TV..I was too young).
I had heard from other MJ fans about how terrible she was to her brother and what a bad person she was. But I didn't want to take their word for it because the rest of the Jackson family seemed so nice and didn't make sense to me that she could turn out so badly different when she had grown up in the same family with the same influences (plus I had seen interviews of her before she met Jack Gordon and she seemed normal then). After watching her interview with Larry King and VH1 All Access on youtube, I got to hear her side of the story, she seemed very misuderstood and very different to what some MJ fans had made her out to be. I watched more and more of her stuff on youtube and became familiar with her story (she seemed very intriguing and I sympathised with her). The Startin Over album also prompted me to find out more of her back catalogue and actually really liked the music enough to begin hunting around and finding out about the rest of her music that was not so common, her past interviews ect..and i suppose i just got hooked...



Hi Toy Fan,

Hope you are doing great & had a wonderful weekend. I've discovered Latoya in 1984, when I was around 7 years of age. I knew she was Michael's  
  sister  & I remember having her audio tape & cover was Heart Don't Lie & she  
was wearing white trousers & white & yellow top with a bow tie, just like
Mikes!. I couldn't remember the songs that time, but i really wanted to
know more about toy. I started collecting her pix since then. In the early
90's I've heard on the Radio that Latoya was going to visit Muscat! & sadly
she didn't & also in Star Plus (on TV I've started getting news from Hard copy
& WOWI never missed her news. I'm glad I've also watched Life Styles of the Rich & Famous & WOW she had a  big house.

Does anyone have this clip, if yes please burn it in the CD for me. Also in
the early 90's I've watched The Fall Guy & I said that's Latoya Latoya, I
was so excited & she was singing Hot Potatoe We are the World was in 1985 &
guess what? I thought that was Janet but when the years went by & I've read
about We are the World, I discovered later that it was Latoya.

In 2001-2003 I've joined the Latoya Jackson Yahoo groups & finally was
really getting all the news on toy & her pix & also for the first on the
internet I managed to find her songs.

It was from the Bad Girl album & I really loved it a lot. Playboy is my
favourite song, I couldn't stop listening to it, then He's my brother, how
sweet, she's the only Jackson who sang a song for Mike. After that, Latoya
album & so on. I said toy has a sweet baby voice, I'm going try & get her
collection some how. In Oman I've managed to get the audio cassette & so
far only 2 songs were there, which were You Gonna Get Rocked & Does It
Really Matter, it was from The Jackson Family Remix. I really really thank
my friend in Germany Doro, who was the first one to send me toy's CD Bad
Girl, then Emil I thank him too for adding the whole albums into MP3. Again
I thank Doro, who sent me her video clips, so far I can watch it on the PC.
I also thank Annie too, who sent me Heart Don't Lie clip & You Gonna Get
Rocked by the net.

Why I love Toy, is because she's a strong amazing Woman. I love her
Personality & she's really sexy, hot & sizzling. I wish someday I'll meet
toy & hopefully she'll send me a post card.

Becha Gonna Need My Loving,

My first songs I heard from La Toya was You Gonna Get Rocked & Does It
Really Matter(Not complete) from the Jackson Family Remix Cassette which I
had I was dying to hear these songs but as u know it's hard to find Toy's
collection., I guess it was in the mid 90's & I was lucky that Toy's songs
were added in the cassette! because she's isn't famous in my country. Then
I've watched The Fall Guy & saw Toy singing Hot Potato. Then I remember
when I was at work on a Training, I was surfing the net & searching for
something, I finally discovered a website of La Toya & I've heard His My
Brother, Playboy, Restless Heart from the album Bad Girl & I loved it. I
said why La Toya wasn't famous, she has a sweet baby voice. I really thank
Doro & emil for sending me Toy's Cd. Then I watched You Gonna Get Rocked
Clip on the Net & Heart Don't Lie. I thank Annie who sent me these clips. I
knew she was MJ sister like I've said in my story i knew her since 1980's &
I had the cassette but i couldn't recall any songs. Now I'm watching most
her clips on you tube. I'm thanking Toy Soldier
because his gonna send me a cd of Toy & I'll her clips. Looking forward for
it. I would love to get Bad Girl clip but not luck in you tube. I wish La
Toya will be famous someday.

Becha Gonna Need My Loving,

Best regards,



Dear Zaghawa, 

How I discovered La Toya? As a horny 14-year old I went through my father's Playboy collection, but instead of getting off I discovered this incredible magical utterly fabulous creature that is la Toya Yvonne Jackson. I never heard her utter a word, let alone sing. But in my mind this paradisiacal flower could be nothing but a musical genius. So without any hesitation I scored her Bad Girl album and fell even deeper in love with all that is Toy. The orgastic pleasure of You & Me left me gasping for air. Since then I have collected Toy's complete musical output, but I never really revisited that first encounter, those good old Playboy days. I would love to celebrate the sexual La Toya again, it is a part of her past that has been unjustly ignored and look down upon by some of the newer Toy Soldiers. Not to mention La Toya herself. Such a shame.

Toy Poodle


Aloha gorgeous! hehe Im glad I found that post you made about that competition
Yes I always knew about La Toya ever since I was born. Was born in 1989, However I always listened to Michael & Janet Jackson
Until now, Im getting older. & my choices of music are getting more mature. I still love the jackson family but Janet to me seems to much of someone that wants to go to the younger crowd. I look up to someone who has wisdom and not all about sex
So I started listening to Phyllis Hyman, Im not too sure if you heard of her but she's deceased now....She killed herself back in 1995 by overdosing in pills.  I always knew about her but for some reason when I started getting more into my native american culture I became depressed as ever
Dealing with not having anyone to share my heart with
Being disowned by my family because I'm bi racial, Gay, long hair.....& plus I look different from everyone else
I've been the blacksheep not just of my family but from the whole universe. I met guys off the internet. I'm from VA I went to NYC to only deal with someone who had multiple personalities and who had AIDS. Had sex with him...He didnt tell me until after.....The next trip I went to NY to meet another guy I knew for a few months.....He left me stranded...Knew his ass for 2 months...and just was not a man of his words
Thats when I really started abusing drugs because it seemed like no one liked me.......everyone wants to be away from me because Their afraid of meeting someone thats all about love and saving people....I blame myself for alot of killings that happened throughout the world
Remember Lisa Lefteye Lopes from TLC, she was one of my favorite singers. This dumb website has pics of her hurt me like hell...I told them to remove the pic. they still havent done it...I emailed her family saying to please email the site cause what if I want to be famous and I end up dying....will somebody take a pic of me dead and post it all over the internet for people to see
They ignored me............blacksheep again....I started cutting my whole left arm deal with the pain of me still being alive. as much as I care about making the world a better place....No one would give me a chance...people would say
"grow up" hell I dont wanna grow up knowing that I cant help someone else
Ive come to learn....I can't help someone that doesnt want to be helped
I dealt with death spirits. I tried overdosing.......too many times...everyday should ask me what day did I didnt ty to kill myself. Phyllis hyman's spirit came to me..............sometimes it was good sometimes it was trying to convince me to die and be with her because we had the same mindset
Here are some of her quotes before she killed herself

"The last time I didn't know what I was doing....This Time I do"

"Don't want to go through another 45 years of living like what I did in the past"

"I'm trying to be nice and say goodbye to everyone and everyone is trying to talk me out of it"

"I'm not going to debate you over my can't help"

"I'm not going to stay for the people who will  miss me.  I never see them anyway.....they'll get over it"

"Life is about choices  And I choose to go and everybody should respect that"

Yeah I tell you I agreed with that! lol shit I was ready to go....Phyllis was 6'1" and heavy set. she was like if I jump out my apartment building I might knock a couple of people out if I land on them....Im a big bitch LMAO!!!!!!

I could go on and on about the men I dealt with, suicide, being the blacksheep.....and now there is someone....Latoya......Someone who reminds me of phyllis........blacksheep, misunderstood, abused.....someone who is alive and not gone like phyllis. I can focus on someone that is alive.........that way when I dont have to focus on trying to die and see phyllis. Latoya is a real emotional person like me,. and it KILLS me how these JJ and MJ fans talk so much trash about her. I hope MJ sees that fake fans and know that their not right

Its not only latoya that changed my heart, Theirs this indian chief Im now dating, I've known him for 2 months...and guess what Ive did my first native american dance in philly! I rehearsed in 4 days....

Im here

go to and look at the video in the middle. now look to the right and click on video number 8. youll see me ! Im the tallest one! and my bf is the guy in front of me :)

PS, thanks for uploading those sexual feeling songs! I told my bf that Im crazy about latoya! lol Im dressing up as toya for halloween and he's going to be jeffery. toya's bf LMAO I dont think he's going to go through it ahah! but yeah.....Death is the last thing on my mind! I have to explore the world and teach people how to be kind.....teach them about my culture :)



This is for the Playboy DVD competition.
I first discovered La Toya Jackson when I was little, and I saw her psychic ads in my Mom’s Enquirers. When I was 14, and on the night of my Jr. High graduation, I saw La Toya’s E! True Hollywood Story, and I became hooked on the clips of her performances and I thought she was really beautiful. I also admired the strength and courage she had to escape Jack Gordon’s harsh abuse. Shortly after, I checked out her autobiography from the library, and ever since then, I have been hooked on La Toya Jackson. I admire her career, her honesty, beauty, and talent. I am interested in all aspects of her career, and I have a really strong desire to see her Playboy Video, because I consider myself a die-hard La Toya Jackson fan
, and I want to own her Playboy Video as part of my small but growing La Toya Jackson collection!!!




Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Introducing the La Toya Milkshake!

In a sensational move, the Queen of Pop introduced her very own milkshake flavor at Millions of Milkshakes in Los Angeles yesterday. It definitely looks as delicious as La Toya herself! 

Unlike big (in every sense of the word) sister Janet Damita Ho, the true Queen has put a great deal of effort into keeping her brothers dreams alive, so naturally many of the proceeds from this milkshake will go directly to AIDS Project LA, a charity Michael supported for nearly a decade. 

The ingredients for this Toygasmic treat are:

Vanilla ice cream
Whipped cream
Mixed nuts

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Love is in the air.

A little video I made as a tribute to one of my favorite La Toya songs ever, enjoy!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009



Home - The La Toya Experience Review feat. Pop Trash Addicts and a “Special Guest”, The Universal Love of La Toya !


"Home", the first La Toya video in over 20 years, was released on 31st August 2009, as a dedication to Michael. Originally, the song was recorded in the early 2000's for inclusion on the still unreleased album Startin' Over. All the proceeds from the video will go directly to the favorite charity of her deceased brother, AIDS Project LA.

And now to the video..

Let's play a little tune first to get you all in the mood!

Part 1: The Minute By Minute Review

0 - 0.20 mins


Pop Trash Addicts: A stunning goddess approaches. A young girl looks around nervously. Toy Toy's first close up finds her looking more ravishing than ever. She makes love to the camera as she plays with the swing. It quickly becomes apparent that the little girl represents La Toya as a child. Only not as pretty.

La Toya Experience: This is it! This is probably the most epic moment in La Toya’s career since she graced the covers of Playboy! She looks absolutely fantastic, and her charisma is breathtaking. I also love how she flirts with the camera as she playfully starts to get in the mood with the swing. The child is fine with me, though I would have loved to see more of La Toya in the beginning of this epic video.

0.20 - 0.40 mins


Pop Trash Addicts: I love this part. Toy looks so serene and beautiful as she sits on the swing. It's very hard to believe that La Toya has been around since before the dawn of time. She doesn't look a day over 25! The girl starts to get a bit annoying. Bitch shouldn't fuck with Toy's limelight!

La Toya Experience: As soon as the Queen of Pop opens her pretty little mouth and starts singing, I’m in heaven! This is a true legend, who finally is going to put all the haters in check! Her vocals are flawless and genuine.

0.40 - 1.00 mins


Pop Trash Addicts: The highlight of this sequence is Toy walking along the bridge in that gorgeous backless gown. Seriously, I just had a screaming Toygasm all over my computer screen! She looks like a fairytale princess.

La Toya Experience: I love how classy she is in this particular scene, almost too classy for Toy! She definitely looks like a Queen!

1.00 - 1.20 mins


Pop Trash Addicts: La Toya channels RuPaul and does a twirl on the bridge. The video's fabulousness rating just increases. The little girl blows bubbles. Toy returns to brighten up the screen by swinging around like an ADD child after drinking red cordial. Lovely.

La Toya Experience: Her smile. Her charisma. Her swinging. I’m speechless.

1.20 - 1.40 mins



Pop Trash Addicts: Toy sits in a tree holding what appears to be a journal. I wonder if it contains lyrics for "Sexbox - The Sequel". The shot of our Queen standing on the bridge is utterly gorgeous.

La Toya Experience: As The Universal Love of La Toya will reveal later, Toy is in fact holding the program for Michael’s memorial service while she sheds a few tears mourning the loss of her brother. This has to be the most genuine expression of emotions in the history of music videos. I almost cried during this scene.

1.40 - 2.00 mins



Pop Trash Addicts: This part of the video makes me cry because it's the only direct reference to Michael. Toy's nickname for him was "Joker" and seeing that carved into the tree is very emotional. I also believe if you look closely, La Toya is crying in this scene. Anyone who doubts the Dutchess of Dance's dedication to her brother should watch this.

La Toya Experience: The “Joker” carving is beautiful. Rest In Peace, King Of Pop! La Toya keeps on crying, and I think it’s a very good way for her to show that she doesn’t use her brothers death as a publicity stunt, which some are claiming.

2.00 - 2.20 mins


Pop Trash Addicts: Words can't describe how cute Toy Toy looks when she pokes her head into the treehouse! She just radiates joy. Someone needs to remake "Counterstrike" - Toy's acting skills have been dormant far too long! This is my favourite scene in the video.

La Toya Experience: Toy redefines the word “cute” in this scene! And her perfect smile gives me goosebumps! I also love the black-and-white scenes here, so artistic and classy!

2.20 - 2.40 mins


Pop Trash Addicts: Toy emotes on the swing. I love it when they bring out the wind machine to make the Pope of Pop's weave blow in the breeze! This is also the first glimpse of the candles. Toy's new outfit is suitably white and virginal. Just like the diva herself.

La Toya Experience: I just love this part, especially the dress change! And La Toya herself is on fire here! Truly a legend.

2.40 - 3.00 mins


Pop Trash Addicts: It's all about the finger snap and head shake! Toy works it here and proves once and for all that Janet stole all her best dance moves.

La Toya Experience: Toy teases the viewer with some of her new Toygasmic dance moves, which leaves me craving for more! It looks like she gets lost in the moment for a while when the finger snapping starts, which is really cute!

3.00 - 3.20 mins


Pop Trash Addicts: I love Toy's strut as she walks with the candle. That much fierceness should be illegal! The moment where she covers her face with her hand is also sweet. You can tell that she's remembering sweet childhood memories or at least the fallout over Nipplegate.

La Toya Experience: La Toya looks divine when she graces the bridge with her classy swagger. This kind of fierceness should indeed be illegal!

3.20 - 3.40 mins


Pop Trash Addicts: The headshake at 3:35 mins is iconic Toy! I need an avatar. The rest of this sequence is fairly uneventful.

La Toya Experience: Not really much here, except for another new dance move: The Head Shake!

3.40 - 4.00 mins


Pop Trash Addicts: A suitably low key ending for a subtle and classy video. I'm also glad there is a proper dedication to Michael at the end. Overall, this is pretty much a toytastic triumph.

La Toya Experience: La Toya looks so sad here, which makes me sad as well. I love the part when young La Toya blows out the candle. Thank you so much La Toya for this experience, I love you from the bottom of my heart! You got me Rocked once again, and put the haters in check!


Part 2: The “Universal Love of La Toya” review

And now.. Another perspective on the “Home” video, from one of La Toya’s oldest and most cherished fansites: The Universal Love of La Toya!

"When I think of Home, I think of a place"... with bridges and lanterns! ToyToy has surely outdone herself as she lets loose some of that Toytastic Video Magic she's been saving up for 20 years! The high production value, almost Playboy Celebrity Centerfold Video caliber, certainly meets MTV/VH1/BET quality standard thresholds. Too bad none of them play music videos anymore, as Home would surely be #1 every day on TRL until a forced retirement!

First off, La Toya looks gorgeous, classy, and very well put together. And WOW are her knockers big! Maybe that's what got me thinking about the Playboy video. I was worried she'd start some scarf-play during the candle garden sequence but fortunately she just gave us FIERCE dancing! The "Hand Pushed Out, Hand to the Face" was a delicious twist on the patented Jackson Head Bob™! La Toya's grecian goddess dress is stunning and abundantly flattering to her figure, and a nice contrast to her classy-casual ripped jeans look. My favorite moment is La Toya's wide-eyed, inquisitive glance while holding the lantern at the bridge! Lil' 'Toya is a nice enough representation of La Toya's inner child although a bit corny and "on the nose" if you will...

The tribute element to Michael is mercifully subtle: the unbuttoned and billowing white shirt... the Neverland-like location... La Toya perched on a branch in her own Giving Tree... the Joker carving... silly pillow play... and obviously the bubbles in honor of Bubbles the chimp. Her treetop tears (while holding Michael's Memorial Program??) are truly heartbreaking!

All in all a beautiful tribute to Michael. And like LaToya herself said about her very first Playboy shoot: "After all, it was tastefully done!"

Two Toys Up!

The Universal Love of LaToya




See you next week Soldiers, don’t forget to buy “Home” ! (The official widget is on the right side of this page.)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A dig down through memory lane.

With a mere week until the music video release of La Toya's latest masterpiece, "Home", I decided to dedicate this post to all the fabolousness of her previous music videos.

1. Heart Don't Lie

The legendary debut music video, where La Toya plays a schoolgirl whose "Heart Doesn't Lie" for a man. The iconic headband also made it's debut here.

2. You're Gonna Get Rocked

La Toya is throwing down with her new sound, and will put all the haters in check! Get correct!

3.  (Ain't Nobody Loves You) Like I Do

An relatively unknown masterpiece, even among Toy Soldiers, probably her most sexual video to date.
















See you next week, when I will do an extensive “Home” video review in a collaboration with Mike from Pop Trash Addicts!

UPDATE: Here’s a short 30 second preview of the “Home” video! *drools*

UPDATE 2: Even more of “Home” has hit the web! Only 2 days..

Monday, August 17, 2009

Song highlight: Playboy

As mentioned in the previous post 2 weeks ago (I know, sorry for the delay), La Toya's sexuality has been a intriguing discussion topic for decades. Her outrageous Playboy photoshoots are only a small fragment of the huge variety of sexual perversions on La Toya's platter. As I also mentioned last time, the Queen of Pop even recorded a song during her naked escapades, fittingly named Playboy. But don't let the name fool you! The song itself, despite the name, isn't an attempt to cash in on a related project like I Don't Play That. It's so much more than that.

Playboy was released on La Toya's most famous album Bad Girl, which, to the delight of Toy soldiers around the world, is still available today. 

Playboy deals with very strong emotions like love, sexuality, submission to a male partner among other things. If one looks behind the sexual overtones the song gives during the first or second hearing, the listener might get a VIP entrance through La Toya's heavily guarded front door, where a huge variety of deep feelings are discovered. Mainly, in my opinion, Playboy is ultimately about love and submitting oneself to those dangerous feelings. When La Toya's sweet voice opens the song with the unforgettable spoken line "I wanna be your Toy, ooh", the listener should by all means become instantly hooked. 

Musically speaking, Playboy is genius. Not only does it provide the listener with a very soothing and enjoyable listening experience, masterminded by the severely underrated German producer and singer Anthony Monn, but it manages to go even further by reinventing itself on the No Relations album, as a longer and even more Toygasmic anthem, (Be My) Playboy. Only Toy can perfect the already perfect. 

Have a Toygasmic week, and don't forget to buy La Toya's new masterpiece, "Home"! 

BONUS: Here's some high-quality Toy wallpapers I made in widescreen format, enjoy!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sexual Feelings

La Toya Jackson, one of the greatest female entertainers in the history of music, has gone through several musical and personal transitions during her almost 30-year old career. Somehow, her creativity has never diminished in these many years. When she unleashed her self-titled first musical masterpiece, her sexuality and her Shakespearean  lyrics were already there, but not fully evolved. When you compare the funny and cute lyrics in If You Feel The Funk:

If you feel the funk shake your rump
Shake your rump to the funk
Won't you shake it?

to the outrageous and sexually loaded lines in songs like Sexual Feeling:

(Don't touch it baby, don't you dare touch it!)
(Do you know what I mean?)
Come, let me feel it deeper inside!
Can you feel it?
Can you hear me say ooh?
Ooh, that's good, that' good, ooh baby
Ooh, touch, touch, touch it
Touch baby

..the difference is breathtaking! And it really shows how La Toya evolved from a manifactured, commercially appealing artist into a sexual goddess, a free spirit with no limits and almost unrecognizable from her former self (in a good way of course;). 

 The sexual evolution of Toy doesn't stop here. As a way of rebelling against her mother, she also decided to do two raunchy Playboy shoots, and she even dedicated an entire song to this escapade, "Playboy", while at the same time promoting a book about family abuse. That's just Toy!

Have a Toygasmic week!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It was so many years ago..

Yes, it was many years ago. After a decade of Toy abstinence and patient waiting, the small but delightfully devoted army of Toy Soldiers got the Toygasm that they had been craving for so long, in the form of Home, a wonderful tribute from La Toya to her recently deceased brother Michael. In true Toy style, the song was actually recorded back in 2002 as a tribute to the family, but her record label (JaTail/Bungalo) made the wisest of choices when they decided to release it a mere month after Michael's death to show La Toya's beautiful intentions to the world. Strangely, La Toya's official website was closed the day before the song was released. Classic.

The song itself is a rather soulful and personal ballad, musically comparable to gems like "Be My Lover" and "Camp Kuchi Kaiai". Curiously, Michael is only referenced to in a single line, where he is called "Joker", a nickname for him invented by Toy. I like the infectious, majestic voice of La Toya in this particular song, but unfortunately her stunning vocals gets occasionally drowned by a huge group of background vocalists, especially in the chorus. Also, I'm personally a bit worried that the general public won't see this as a tribute, rather something like a publicity stunt. But as Toy has lectured: 

"All publicity is good publicity."

See you next week! 


Click here to download "Home"!

Are you ready?