Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It was so many years ago..

Yes, it was many years ago. After a decade of Toy abstinence and patient waiting, the small but delightfully devoted army of Toy Soldiers got the Toygasm that they had been craving for so long, in the form of Home, a wonderful tribute from La Toya to her recently deceased brother Michael. In true Toy style, the song was actually recorded back in 2002 as a tribute to the family, but her record label (JaTail/Bungalo) made the wisest of choices when they decided to release it a mere month after Michael's death to show La Toya's beautiful intentions to the world. Strangely, La Toya's official website was closed the day before the song was released. Classic.

The song itself is a rather soulful and personal ballad, musically comparable to gems like "Be My Lover" and "Camp Kuchi Kaiai". Curiously, Michael is only referenced to in a single line, where he is called "Joker", a nickname for him invented by Toy. I like the infectious, majestic voice of La Toya in this particular song, but unfortunately her stunning vocals gets occasionally drowned by a huge group of background vocalists, especially in the chorus. Also, I'm personally a bit worried that the general public won't see this as a tribute, rather something like a publicity stunt. But as Toy has lectured: 

"All publicity is good publicity."

See you next week! 


Click here to download "Home"!

Are you ready?