Monday, August 3, 2009

Sexual Feelings

La Toya Jackson, one of the greatest female entertainers in the history of music, has gone through several musical and personal transitions during her almost 30-year old career. Somehow, her creativity has never diminished in these many years. When she unleashed her self-titled first musical masterpiece, her sexuality and her Shakespearean  lyrics were already there, but not fully evolved. When you compare the funny and cute lyrics in If You Feel The Funk:

If you feel the funk shake your rump
Shake your rump to the funk
Won't you shake it?

to the outrageous and sexually loaded lines in songs like Sexual Feeling:

(Don't touch it baby, don't you dare touch it!)
(Do you know what I mean?)
Come, let me feel it deeper inside!
Can you feel it?
Can you hear me say ooh?
Ooh, that's good, that' good, ooh baby
Ooh, touch, touch, touch it
Touch baby

..the difference is breathtaking! And it really shows how La Toya evolved from a manifactured, commercially appealing artist into a sexual goddess, a free spirit with no limits and almost unrecognizable from her former self (in a good way of course;). 

 The sexual evolution of Toy doesn't stop here. As a way of rebelling against her mother, she also decided to do two raunchy Playboy shoots, and she even dedicated an entire song to this escapade, "Playboy", while at the same time promoting a book about family abuse. That's just Toy!

Have a Toygasmic week!