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“On June 25, 2009, I lost my brother Michael, and I knew that I had a second purpose in my life now, and with this book. Michael had confided in me years earlier that he feared association with those who wanted to steal his valuable publishing catalog and estate. I believed him because I had been manipulated and abused by that greedy, heartless man..”

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New song clip!


Amazing! Bow to the Queen of Pop.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More music news!


According to poster Matt from Gospel of La Toya forums :


“This EP is only the soundtrack to the book. This will be considered the Starting Over album. Notice we added the "G" back on Starting to be consistent with the book. Right now it'll be downloadable. Her last full album with new will be out later this year. That album will have a different name and the first single will come out late July.”


This basically means that La Toya will not release one but two albums during this year, one of them is meant to be listened to as a “soundtrack EP” while reading the new book Starting Over, and the other one will be the “main” album which is longer.


Very exciting news, I wish the best of luck to La Toya!


We’re gonna Get Rocked!

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Exciting news!

La Toya, Queen of Pop, will release her new single on June 21st according to Church of La Toya!

Toy Soldiers around the world rejoice!

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Something I made almost 2 years ago. It’s amazing how time flies.

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Clip of La Toya on Today Show!

Current favourite

Boy’s Got Something (Girls Ain’t Got) is from La Toya’s fourth studio album, Imagination and is one

of the album’s standout tracks. Produced by Joe Isgro, Mike Piccirillo and Gary Goetzman, the track features the typical synthpop sound of the late 80’s, which combined with La Toya’s mesmerizing vocal delivery provides a very danceable and fun song.




Boy’s Got Something also has great lyrics, including the line “And that's the way it's been since Adam and Eve.. Just one look was all it took to make a girl believe!”


Shake Your Rump to this great song and Get Rocked by La Toya!

Friday, March 4, 2011

La Toya on Wendy Williams show


Here’s a preview:

Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Celebrity Apprentice promo clip!

Looks promising!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Return of The La Toya Xperience!


After a long pause, I have decided to update this blog (finally)! 2010 was a very big year for La Toya,

including a legendary performance of “Earth Song” in Moscow during the summer, many interesting participations in various reality series on television and more digital releases of La Toya’s back catalogue for the enjoyment of the fans.


Also, the release of La Toya’s long awaited sequel to her bestseller “Growing up in the Jackson family” was announced for this summer. The press release for this book sparked controversy though, as a result of it’s emphasis on Michael. Time will tell how the final book will be like.




During 2010, La Toya participated in the Celebrity Apprentice reality series, which will premiere in March. Looking forward to it!



What about the release of the over-delayed album Startin’ Over? No news so far unfortunately. The release of “Home” in 2009 remains the last new song released commercially by La Toya to this day.


Don’t forget to sign the petition if you haven´t done it already!


Until next time.



Keeping my fingers crossed for a Toytastic 2011!