Monday, August 17, 2009

Song highlight: Playboy

As mentioned in the previous post 2 weeks ago (I know, sorry for the delay), La Toya's sexuality has been a intriguing discussion topic for decades. Her outrageous Playboy photoshoots are only a small fragment of the huge variety of sexual perversions on La Toya's platter. As I also mentioned last time, the Queen of Pop even recorded a song during her naked escapades, fittingly named Playboy. But don't let the name fool you! The song itself, despite the name, isn't an attempt to cash in on a related project like I Don't Play That. It's so much more than that.

Playboy was released on La Toya's most famous album Bad Girl, which, to the delight of Toy soldiers around the world, is still available today. 

Playboy deals with very strong emotions like love, sexuality, submission to a male partner among other things. If one looks behind the sexual overtones the song gives during the first or second hearing, the listener might get a VIP entrance through La Toya's heavily guarded front door, where a huge variety of deep feelings are discovered. Mainly, in my opinion, Playboy is ultimately about love and submitting oneself to those dangerous feelings. When La Toya's sweet voice opens the song with the unforgettable spoken line "I wanna be your Toy, ooh", the listener should by all means become instantly hooked. 

Musically speaking, Playboy is genius. Not only does it provide the listener with a very soothing and enjoyable listening experience, masterminded by the severely underrated German producer and singer Anthony Monn, but it manages to go even further by reinventing itself on the No Relations album, as a longer and even more Toygasmic anthem, (Be My) Playboy. Only Toy can perfect the already perfect. 

Have a Toygasmic week, and don't forget to buy La Toya's new masterpiece, "Home"! 

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